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One Simple Step to Craft High-Performing Ads for Your Business

Are you searching for a way to enhance the effectiveness of your advertisements, grab more attention, and attract additional clients? This article will reveal exactly how to achieve that.

I still clearly recall the struggle of writing my first advertisement. It was an excruciating experience.

The irony was, my boss assigned me this task right after I had completed three years of business school, specializing in marketing and sales. We had studied the strategies of the world’s most successful companies, yet when it came time to apply that knowledge to an ad for our local business, I was clueless.

Staring at the blank page, I realized I was out of my depth. The longer I sat, the more incompetent I felt.

The Hidden Reason Behind Most Ads’ Failure

In my quest to find a foolproof formula, I encountered conflicting advice. Some suggested using a cute baby animal to charm the audience, while others claimed it was unprofessional. Some advised repeating the message, but others warned that could annoy people and deter purchases.

As the deadline loomed, I resorted to mimicking our competitors’ ads, slightly tweaking them to avoid obvious plagiarism.

After showing the finished ad to my boss, his lukewarm response was “It’s OK,” and we went ahead and published it.

Days passed without any feedback on the ad’s performance. Curious, I asked my boss about the results. His response baffled me:

“Uhhh… what do you mean ‘results’?”

I explained, “The outcomes from our ad. Did it drive sales? Did people respond?”

He smiled, leaned back, and casually dismissed, “Noooo, Michael. That’s not how ads work! This ad was for brand recognition. It’s all about keeping our brand top-of-mind, you know?”

I nodded in feigned agreement, but internally, I was puzzled about how this approach was supposed to increase sales.

Nearly two decades later, I can confess: both of us were pretending. Neither of us truly understood what we were doing.

Revamping Your Marketing

When we invest in something, we expect measurable results. Whether it’s equipment, lunch, or vendor services, we want to ensure we get what we pay for.

When I launched my business, I applied the same principle to marketing, which initially resulted in a lot of meaningless jargon:

‘This ad boosts brand recognition.’

‘We’re enhancing top-of-mind awareness.’

‘This campaign solidifies our branding and positioning.’

These phrases were often delivered in a patronizing tone meant to discourage further questions.

Here’s the harsh reality:

“Most businesses waste at least half of their marketing budget, if not more.”

How I Stopped Wasting Money… And How You Can Too

That realization didn’t sit well with me.

Determined to uncover a practical formula for marketing success, I embarked on a journey of research, testing, and trial and error. It took years, but I finally cracked it.

The key? Make every ad measurable. Incorporate a call to action in every advertisement that prompts the audience to engage in some way.

Then, track those actions meticulously.

Now you can truly measure, test, and discover what works and what doesn’t.

One of the first policies I implement with any client is this:

“Every ad we run must be measurable, no exceptions.”

No more vague terms. No more marketing fluff. Just measurable, tangible, and substantial results.

There are numerous ways to achieve this, and it’s feasible for every business, including yours. If you’re curious about how we can implement this strategy in your business, contact us today.

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